Adding a new feature to Corona-Warn App—a UX/UI case study

The Background

Competitive Analysis

Feature Comparison Matrix

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

  • 64% find it very important to know about the latest COVID-19 regulations in their area.
  • 86% of people check info about the regulations at least once in a couple of days.

49% — 😐 22% — ☹️

“I can’t keep up!”

  • The majority of people cannot keep up with COVID-19 regulations because the information is inconsistent across multiple sources, is not up to date and differ by municipality.
  • People avoid going to cafes and restaurants because the regulations around them are unclear and differ by location.
  • People lack up to date information about where and when to wear masks, which areas to avoid, vaccinations (schedule, locations, cost) and travel related regulations.
  • The information about the regulations is difficult to access due to language barrier for foreigners living in Germany and sometimes even to the locals due to complexity of terms used in the news.

“I don’t even go to town because the rules change often and it’s so confusing what regulations do I have to follow! So, I just stay at home…”

The User Persona

User Journey Map

The Problem Statement

HMW Statement:

Hypothesis Statement

When leaving the house the user can easily find the information about all the up-to-date regulations in their area and is notified about the regulation changes on time.

Prototyping, Testing & Iterating

Current State

High-Fidelity Prototype

Next Steps

  • Test & Iterate the High-fi prototype.
  • Further define the feature by adding the updates history on each of the topic so the user can see the changes.
  • Add more features to the app such as COVID-19 hot spots to avoid.


  • Testing the prototype is very important to gain more insights into what may not be working well for the user.
  • Working alone can be challenging in the ideating stage in terms of deciding about which feature to focus on.
  • Maintain a well-organised design system in order to stay consistent.



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