Designing a Wellness App — a UX/UI case study

The Process


Quantitative & Qualitative User Research

  • Are people aware of their drinking habits?
  • Is there a peer pressure when it comes to alcohol consumption?
  • Do users have a problem saying “no”?
  • What reasons do users have to drink less or stop drinking?
  • What effect does alcohol have on people’s lives in general?

Competitive Market Analysis

Feature Comparison Matrix

The main findings:


How Might We motivate and facilitate people to take control of their social drinking habits, by helping them beat peer pressure and social expectations.

Affinity Diagram

Problem & Hypothesis Statements

User Persona

Storyboard by Corinna

Develop — Solving the Problem

Brainstorming & Voting on Miro
Moscow Feature Prioritization Method
Site Map
The Main and Alternative User Flows

Interaction Design

Lo-fi user flow sketches by all team members
Mid-fi Prototype

“Would be better to see your challenges on the main page because that’s what I want to check first thing”

Problems identified from Mid-fi testing and the solutions

Visual Design

Visual Competitor Analysis

Sober Time Visual Analysis
Drink Control Visual Analysis
I Am Sober Visual Analysis
  • Serious and clean look
  • Big letters, little text
  • Calming colours and visual language
  • Mainly medical/ health related and not emotionally engaging

Brand personality testing - Mood Boards

Brand Personality Testing
The Main moodboard

Hi-Fi Prototype: Testing & Iterating

Desirability Testing — 5 Seconds Test

Floating menu


“I was a little confused, where to create the challenge”

The Landing Page

  • CoCap brand statement together with a CTA to download our app.
  • The header includes — about, community and partners sections which directly link to scrollable content below. The user also has an ability to create an account.
  • On the footer the main features and MVPs are listed.
CoCap Landing page

Style Guide

CoCap Style Guide

Next Steps

  • Test our Hi-fi prototype with even younger users who may have more peer pressure than the user age group analyzed.
  • Enable more community related features.
  • After validation of the main features — wearable implementation.





UX/UI Designer based in the Netherlands

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